We all have goals. Sometimes we have GOALS.

  1. To transform how girls & women perceive themselves. To grow our confidence through using our voice, speaking up, and advocating for ourselves.

  2. To transform how society views girls & women. We can not perform the second goal without the first goal. We are not second-class citizens.

I once led a workshop for a large group of women on The ABCs of How Women Are Socialized. We discussed The Impostor Syndrome, finding our confidence, using our voice to speak up for ourselves, etc. As I was talking about these 2 GOALS, a woman in the audience said in a sarcastic tone, “Good luck.” I kindly asked her what she meant by that. She replied, “It’s too much. It’s too daunting. It’s too much work. It’s too big of a job.” This woman is valid in how she feels. Instead of getting defensive, I chose to have an open discussion with the group about this. The woman was right, it is a big job. It is a lot of work. But that doesn’t mean the work isn’t necessary and important.

  • What would have happened if each generation of women that made a change for women’s rights gave up?!

  • What would have happened if those women decided to stop what they were doing because it was too difficult and daunting?!