In all my studies and discoveries of people, I notice a theme. The theme is adults tend to say…. “As soon as…”

  • As soon as I do this, then I can do that.

  • As soon as I find confidence, then I can accomplish my goals.

  • As soon as my doubts go away, then I will start.

  • As soon as Monday [or the next month or the new year] comes, then I will get serious.

  • As soon as I finish this, then I can start that.

  • As soon as blah, blah, blah, then I can really…

Does any of that sound familiar?

Here is an example of how I could’ve said “As soon as…” and instead I turned it around.

I started doing crossfit in January 2018. I had never done anything like that before. Excited and nervous. I like to call that The Roller Coaster Effect. I knew my 40+ year old body needed some strength training. Some days I would go and would rock it. Other days not so much. It was all about showing up. Doing the best that I can in the moment I am in.

I found jumping intimidating. I had this fear that I wasn't going to jump high enough, hit my shins, and fall on my face. I started with one plate. Then slowly kept adding. Eventually this happened. 16" jump! What up!

It was all about trying. Working with my set of ABCS...

  • ACT - What is your next step? Take ACTion.

  • BE - Once you ACT, you BEcome the person you want to BE.

  • CONQUER - Then you will CONQUER your dreams and CONQUER your fears. When I say CONQUER - it means to take control. To own them. Be in charge.

If I said, “As soon as I’m strong, then I will do crossfit” then nothing will be accomplished. Then the ABCs become BACs and in reality, you never really get to the C part because the A has to come before the B. That’s how it works.

What is your “As soon as…” statement?

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