Here are the ABCs of how women are socially raised.

  • A - Apologize for our feelings, Accommodate our Actions
  • B - Behaviors like these cause women to Become
  • C - Complacent and Comfortable, hesitant to Change

We need to stop being passive and start being active with our words. We need to be Aware of our action, Bring light to our behaviors, and be Conscious of our conduct.  

We need to relearn our ABCs…

  • A - Advocate for who we Are (and what we want)
  • B - Believe in our Being
  • C - Cultivate our Confidence

We will then….

  • A - Act. Act to make a change in your life. Act is taking the next step.  
  • B - Be. Be that person you want to be. Be open.
  • C - Conquer. Conquer our fears. Conquer our dreams. 


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