+ Who are the people that are speaking?

The women and men that speak at the ABOUT WOMEN and COED ABOUT WOMEN events are NOT professional speakers. They are women and men from all walks of life sharing a personal story. If one happens to be a professional speaker - well, that’s a bonus.

+ How can I speak at one of the ABOUT WOMEN events?

The only requirement to speak at an event is to have attended an event. Once you attend - talk to Nikki. Contact Nikki.

+ Can I order food at the ABOUT WOMEN and COED ABOUT WOMEN events? Do the women and men generally eat there or eat before they come?

Yes, you can order food and drinks. The bar/kitchen is open during the event. And yes, most people make a night of it and eat at the venue. It’s pizza and it’s delicious.

+ How long is the event?

ABOUT WOMEN is approximately a 2-hour event. COED ABOUT WOMEN is approximately 2.5 hours. Starts at 7:30pm and ends at 9:30pm or 10:00pm depeding on the event - give or take. The convHERsation is often thought provoking and down right fantastic so if we go over a little bit, please don’t hate us. We are trying to rule the world.

+ I keep seeing this BE MIDAS phrase - what does that mean?

BE MIDAS is something Nikki has been saying for a long time. It is a phrase that has always helped her believe in whatever she is doing.

When she’s looking for a parking spot, she says “Midas parking. Midas parking.” And she always finds a good parking spot because she believes. When Nikki wants something good to happen, she thinks “Midas” and it puts the good vibes out there. MIDAS is truly believing in one’s worth.

Sure, this came from King Midas where everything he touched turned to gold aka “the Midas touch”. We are changing the context so everything we touch turns to gold in a positive way.

+ How were the ABOUT WOMEN events started?

When Nikki met her husband Chad, they were both 32 years old. Chad had a son from a previous marriage. They were unsure about having kids together so they started talking about it and kept the conversation going. Nikki also wanted to talk to other women about why they made the choices they made to get different perspectives. Nikki started interviewing women -all types of women- to hear their stories. What she found was a vast untapped source of diverse personal stories that were all interconnected on some level. She soon realized these are the lived experiences that are rarely discussed openly; yet, most certainly should be shared with other women. Nikki discovered there is no right or wrong answer - it’s all about what is best for that person and/or relationship.

Looking for a centralized place for women to gather and share their stories while taking away the judgment, Nikki started ABOUT WOMEN. These conversations are happening all the time. They are happening when out with friends, at book clubs, or while watching your kids play soccer. Nikki has simply created and designed a platform for these discussions.

+ Do I have to talk at the ABOUT WOMEN or COED ABOUT WOMEN events?

No. You do not have to talk. There is a convHERsation portion during the event. You may listen. You may contribute your thoughts. You may do both if you like; however, you are certainly not required to talk. Please know this is a judgment-free event. There is no such thing as a stupid question or wrong thought. Your voice is valid.

+ Who can come to the ABOUT WOMEN and COED ABOUT WOMEN events? Is it all ages?

ALL women and women-identified are welcome at the ABOUT WOMEN events. Men are great. We are NOT anti-men but these ABOUT WOMEN events are for women, by women. The youngest female in attendance and the youngest speaker so far has been 14-years old. As a reminder - the topics we cover are personal so we leave it up to the individual and/or parent to decide if their daughters should attend. This is a judgment-free event.

The COED ABOUT WOMEN events are for everyone - no matter your gender.

+ Why aren’t men welcome to the ABOUT WOMEN events? Are you anti-MEN?

We are not anti-MEN. Men are great. This event is not about them. It’s about us. We are pro-WOMEN. These events were created for women to have a place to gather where they feel safe and free to discuss anything and everything. Side note: There are CO-ED Events where both men and women are welcome. They take place every few months so stay tuned for those.

That's why Nikki created the COED ABOUT WOMEN events. So everyone could attend.

+ Do I have to rsvp? Does this event sell out?

For each event, a Facebook invitation is set up along with an option to purchase your ticket on the Eventbrite website generally at a lower cost. It's generally a lower price in advance and a higher price at the door.

+ When are the events?

The ABOUT WOMEN events are on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. The COED ABOUT WOMEN events happen every 3-4 months. Generally in January, April, and October. But it could vary.

+ How are topics chosen? How do I suggest a topic?

The topics are chosen in advance based on suggestions from the audience. Nikki also listens to the women in her life that have a great story to tell and will often build an event around that particular topic.

+ What is the format of the events?

The format is - ConvHERsation. Presentation. InspHERation. We start out the evening with a small convHERsation with the audience about the chosen topic of the event. Then people speak about 10 minutes each. BREAK. Next, Then more speakers about 10 minutes each. We finish with a conversation/Q&A with the women that spoke and the audience. Sometimes there might be 5 speakers. We mix it up sometimes. Get crazy.

+ Is there a cost? What form of payments are accepted?

It depends on the event. The ABOUT WOMEN monthly events are $5-$15. The COED ABOUT WOMEN events vary.

+ Can I show up late?

We would prefer you arrive on time out of respect for the speakers. However, we understand that life happens. If we are in the middle of a convHERsation or if a speaker is talking, please be respectful when you enter. The fantastic woman at the door will greet and take care of you.

+ How can I rule the world?

Ah yes, ruling the world. Let’s do this. At the beginning of the ABOUT WOMEN events, Nikki informs the crowd that merely being in the audience makes you now part of the ongoing convHERsation. Therefore, you are now a member in ruling the world.

+ What is involved with ruling the world? What do I have to do?

You have to work on believing in yourself. Work on BEING MIDAS. Ruling the world involves not judging others for their actions and ideas. Ruling the world involves listening to others. Ruling the world is living a MIDAS life. Doing the best we can in the moment we are in. And the best we can will change and that’s ok.

+ I am super nervous about speaking.

That’s ok. Most people are afraid of public speaking. This is normal. Most of the speakers do not have experience with public speaking. This is a safe place and judgment-free. The women that gather at these events are here to support you. Take a deep breath and tell your story. You have lived it so you know more about it than anyone else.

If you want to feel more comfortable talking to people, especially in front of a crowd, Nikki coaches small public speaking classes for women. Nikki keeps the classes small (4-5 women) in order for the participants to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed. Nikki understands the nervousness people have talking in public. She understands because she used to be that nervous person in front of the crowd. She has designed a course that will help take the edge off and empowHER you to be relaxed and confident.

Nikki also does one-on-one coaching if you prefer. If you are more comfortable with that, Nikki can work with you solo. Start out speaking in front of one person and we’ll take it from there.

+ Is drinking allowed at these events?

Drinking is allowed. There is a full bar available to purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

+ Is parking available?

Yes. Parking is available. There is free parking on Belmont - west of Paulina, in front of Pizzeria Serio. There is no parking from 4-6pm on weekdays. So if you get there after 6pm, you might get MIDAS parking. Otherwise there is free side street parking. And metered parking on Belmont - east of Paulina.

+ Is the event close to public transportation?

Yes. The Paulina Brown Line stop is 4 blocks north of Pizzeria Serio. The Belmont bus is right in front as well. The Ashland bus is a block away. And the Damen bus is not too far either.