We Are Not Done2.jpg



Y'know that feeling where we just want to wave the magic wand and *poof* everything we want is there for us.

We have the job we want. Our to-do list is done. We have the body we want. Our relationship status is on point. Our hair is the exact length we want it along with the color. Plus our confidence is booming. The anxiety is gone. The doubts are non-existent. Like magic. Where we have to put NO WORK into it and we wake up and everything we desire magically appears.

It's fascinating how we all want this. Hey, it sounds like an amazing idea. Who wouldn't want it?! Put no work in and all of that stuff happens. ABSOLUTELY. Well, life just doesn't work that way. We live in a world where we can get things and get them NOW. Need information? Go on the internet. Want to buy something? I'm sure Amazon will have it. Hungry? Need a ride? Check the weather? See what your friends are doing? There's an app for all of it.

Because of that and of course our lack of wanting to put the work in, we are all looking for the magic wand. We say things like "Someday..." or "Hopefully..." or "As soon as..." Sometimes we act like we have no control over life. That we are just waiting for things to happen. FUCK THAT! MAKE THAT SHIT HAPPEN! Because WE are in charge our ourselves. WE have the ability to evolve and transform and make amazing things happen.

So there IS a magic wand. It's YOU! It's about recognizing that the word WAND really stands for WE. ARE. NOT. DONE.