You Are Not Alone


In 2014, I created monthly women's events in Chicago called ABOUT WOMEN. It's like a support group for being a woman. Each month we talk about confidence, doubts, courage, procrastination, fear, overthinking, self-sabotage, our awesomeness. It's a place to not feel alone. It's motivational & conversational.

I have been known to get these bursts of anxiety attacks on my way to an event particularly before an anniversary event. I spent all day getting ready for an event I was hosting on April 17, 2018. It was the 4-year anniversary and all day I was fine. I get in my car, drive to the grocery store to pick up the anniversary cake, and I could feel it coming on. There it was. My chest was getting heavy. My eyes were welling up with tears. And the doubts were swimming in. 

I was about to speak and empowHER a room of 63+ plus women on the topic of Courage & Confidence and now I'm in my car crying and freaking out. This is normal. I have learned that it's not about getting rid of my anxiety but learning how to work WITH it. To understand WHY I get these attacks and knowing they will go away. If I deny them and pretend they are not there, they get bigger. Instead I choose to address it, cry it out, and then I can move on. Clearly my body and my mind need to process the craptastic stuff going on in my brain.