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I help women get their sh!t together


Nikki Nigl - Chicago Accountability Coach

What are you doing? Are you getting your sh!t together? Wait, are you talking about getting it together or actually doing it? 


Helping you change your inertia, create momentum, and figure out what it is that you are doing. AKA Getting Your Shit Together. I'm here to help you be accountable. I’m here to break up whatever it is that you want to do into something manageable and to not be so overwhelming. And oh yeah, I will cheer you on the whoooooole way through. But not in that annoying cheerleader way. In the way where I tell you that you are AMAZING and YOU CAN DO IT! And, you will still have a social life and get to scroll through your phone. What up!


Clients I've worked with

She simplified my goals by setting a starting point, gave me daily and weekly tasks, and made everything feel obtainable
— Julie Deaner, one-on-one coaching client
we received such positive feedback from the attendees that we’ve asked Nikki to start putting together another, larger-scale event for the Viva Women group - a group of women from all the Publicis agencies in the Chicago area.
— Julie Roberts, Leo Burnett
It makes me feel like I am not alone in the world, or in my feelings and thoughts. It helps me connect to people, all people, on a deeper level. It makes me a better listener. I am allowed to express myself there. The women are normal and powerful all at once.
— Kira Elliott, ABOUT WOMEN Events


Facebook Group

This is a place to feel that we are not alone. This is a place for understanding. This is a place to pose questions and get answers. This is a place to support ourselves and our fellow women. WE are ABOUT WOMEN. Please check out the closed Facebook group - Nikki Nigl’s ABOUT WOMEN.

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