Yeah! That’s right! I’ll come into your place of business and make this happen…

Part of my Coaching, I will go to corporations to host a workshop. This can be a one-time workshop or over a period of time. I have done EmpowHERment Workshops, Communication Workshops, or Public Speaking Workshops. They are similar and different at the same time. They both involve how to appropriately use our voice to get what we want.

I curate and design the workshop(s) based on you and your company’s needs and what you would like the outcome to be.

  • Improve communication
  • Less turnover
  • Advocate for oneself
  • How to work with others with different backgrounds
  • Learn to be decisive
  • Motivate self and others
  • Increase productivity

Contact me, let's have a conversation about your corporate culutre 

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I will create and curate icebreakers, activities, and convHERsation with your employees. If possible I would like to send out a short questionnaire asking your employees/participants some vital questions to be answered before the event to help me design it based on their needs.

This is about them - not me.

  • Asking for what we want
    • ABCs of How Women Are Socialized
    • ABCs of Better Communication
    • ABCs of Public Speaking
  • Being indecisive no longer and working through it
  • Communication methods to Create Cohesion
  • Decision-making methods
  • Examples - Real-life: From us and you (bring your scenarios)
  • Feel empowHERed to bring your ideas to the Front instead of being afraid to bring it up and being judged
  • Generate less turnover
  • How to work with people with different backgrounds
  • Intention vs perception
  • Judgment-free environment
  • Kicking ass in life
  • Lots of Laughter and of course, LOVE
  • Mutual respect and understanding
  • Needs taken care of
  • Openness
  • Perspectives from other’s Points of view even if we don’t agree with it
  • Questions answered
  • Rockin' time
  • Safe work environment
  • Techniques to assert yourself
  • Understanding of your behaviors
  • Value and a Variety of different types of learning
  • Wonder no longer on how to communicate with others
  • X marks the spot where you discover how ASSERTIVE you really can be
  • You will be so much smarter after this workshop
  • Zip off to being more ZUPER than you already are!

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Enduring Understandings

  • My voice is valid: Confidence comes from owning our choices.
  • People make judgments to validate their own experiences.
  • The consequences of the “all or nothing” mentality – balancing work/life, etc.
  • We are not alone. What we are going through – others do too.
  • Embracing changes around me while taking charge of my path.
  • Understanding intention vs. perception

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Essential Questions

  • Why do people judge each other and why do we judge ourselves?
  • How do I ask for what I want in and out of life? Understanding the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive.
  • Why do we stop ourselves from moving forward?
  • How can I build confidence in myself and use my voice to change my world?
  • How do I motivate others and myself?
  • How can I improve the situation?
  • How do I interact with others - employees and customers?
  • How do I take what I learned into practice?

photo by  Cat Pants Media

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the ABCs of how women are socialized...or...the ABCs of better communication...or the ABCs of Public Speaking (your choice or all of the above) 
  • To understand how we must relearn our ABCs.
  • To gain a new perspective on our Actions, Beliefs, and Consequences.
  • Will be able to take steps forward in achieving life and work goals.
  • To recognize that change will be difficult - it is also inevitable and necessary for growth


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