photo by  Cat Pants Media

Nikki Nigl (rhymes with eagle) has lived coast to coast, drawing inspiration and following her own simple credo, “to enjoy life to the fullest,” and aspires to help others do the same.

Possessed by her Midwest sensibility, West Coast calm and East Coast edge, Nikki has dedicated her life to motivating the masses with a no-nonsense but understanding approach. She’s qualified as a Public Speaking Instructor, Accountability Coach, Relationship Guru, Women's EmpowHERment Coach, Life Manager, and overall cheerleader. Nikki says simply: “I will make your life better and easier.” And probably more fun.

Nikki has a Bachelor’s degree in Adult Learning and Development and a Master’s degree in Communication, Media, and Theatre, both from Northeastern Illinois University. Nikki is Founder, Producer, and Host of the ABOUT WOMEN monthly EmpowHERment series. She travels to different corporations to facilitate EmpowHERment Workshops to help women find their voice and speak up. She has also taught college-level classes in Communication at Northeastern Illinois University and public speaking skills for TED Talk speakers.

Her list of accomplishments include talking Catwoman down from a ledge, showing Morticia Addams the bright side of things, and fielding calls from June Cleaver — Nikki’s the reason Bridget Jones even has a diary! (Now if she could only get Hello Kitty to smile.)

Loyal believer, role model, friend, artist, teacher, and always a student, Nikki is also a rarity and a treasure — and wants you to know that you are too.

Nikki's Education/Experience 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Adult Training and Development from Northeastern Illinois University

  • Master of Arts in Communication, Media, and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University

  • FoundHER/CreateHER/ProduceHER/Host of ABOUT WOMEN series

  • Adjunct Professor at North Park University, Chicago

    • Group Communication

    • Public Speaking

  • Adjunct Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

    • Gender, Identity, and Communication

    • Interpersonal Communication

    • Introduction to Communication

  • Adult Education Assistant at Chicago Botanic Garden

  • Emcee/host for TEDxNEIU 2014

  • TEDxNEIU Speaker 2015 (The ABCs of How Women Are Socialized)

  • Public Speaking Skills coach for TED Talk speakers

  • Coach for Dale Carnegie Training, focus on human relation skills