Learn Your ABCs...

  • A - Anticipate
  • B - Breathe
  • C - Conceive


  • Audience: Know who you are talking to (formal, casual, in-between)
  • Amount: People, words, length, time
  • Audio: Volume of voice, microphone, sound, amplification


  • Beat: Know your beat/cadence. Find your rhythm.
  • Balance: Balance your talk - not too word heavy, joke heavy, stats heavy or too dependent on visual aids
  • Break: Take pauses in your talk. Don't be afraid of 2 seconds of silence or even 6 seconds, seriously. SLOW DOWN
    • Watch this video of the amazing Tig Notaro . (It's 16 minutes but you certainly don't have to watch the whole thing to know what I'm talking about. Although the story is really funny. Tig is great at pausing and breathing.)


  • Coordinate: Thoughts, ideas, intention
  • Construct: Words, segments, storyboard, characters, information, visual aids
  • Comprehend: Will the audience understand what you are talking about? Read their body language and facial expressions.

And besides those ABCs - these are just as, if not more, important...

  • A - Adaptable
  • B - Bendable
  • C - Changeable

Be prepared to adapt, bend, and change according to your audience. Sometimes you never know how you're audience will react. Or the venue might change. Or the audio/visual won't work. Or all of the above.


Your voice is a powerful tool. Learn how to use your voice properly in order to get what you desire.

Whether you are talking with 1 person or 21 or 201 - you are public speaking. Anytime you open your mouth whether to order a pizza, tell a story, or to give a presentation - you are public speaking.

I know - public speaking can give you anxiety or a feeling of panic. You can become a sweaty shaking mess with all those people staring back at you. I get it. I’ve been there. It was my first semester at college. The first class I enrolled in was a public speaking course.

I think if I knew what I was getting myself into, I wouldn’t have taken this course. This was kind of scary. I can remember my speeches were full of anxiety. My body would shake. I didn’t know how to breathe properly when talking in front of people. I spoke way too fast. And I never felt I knew how to end my speech. I would just end it by saying, “Well, that’s it.”

What you might not realize is that public speaking is a skill you can massage and develop so you aren’t a sweaty shaking mess in front of all those people. YOU CAN be a phenomenal public speaker.

This is what I can do for you. This is what you’ll achieve.
I will help you feel confident in front of an audience. You will feel comfortable in front of an audience.
I will coach you on breathing. You will have better control over your breathing.
I will guide you on the volume of your voice. You will know when to raise or lower your voice.
I will show you what words to emphasize and put a “punch” on. You will know how and when to emphasize and “punch” your words.
I will let you know when to S L O W D O W N. You will learn to not talk too fast.
I will teach you about visualization and imagining your awesome self speaking.You will visualize your awesome self giving that speech.
I will show you when it’s ok to have silence in your talk. You will be ok with silence when standing before your public.
I will help you with movement (pacing, rocking, stiffness, etc.). You will be in control of your body and how it is seen to the audience.
I will coach you on your language and how the audience perceives you. You will feel comfortable with the words coming out of your mouth.