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POLYAMORY: The Benefits of a Polyamorous Relationship

  • Early 2 Bed 5044 North Clark Street Chicago, IL, 60640 United States (map)

When discussing polyamory and/or consensual non-monogamy, people tend to ask about jealousy, fear, guilt, worry, etc. While all those are valid concerns, let's talk about the other side: The awesomeness of being in a polyamorous relationship. We'll discuss the benefits, joy, trust, happiness, love, kindness, and euphoric feelings one can have with multiple partners. 

And yes, I'm sure the topic of jealousy, etc will be discussed because you can't talk about trust, etc without talking about jealousy. This 90-minute discussion will focus on the benefits and why consensual monogamy is a good thing. 

Please join Nikki Nigl & Chad Goodrum of Relationships & Reverie for another open discussion at Early 2 Bed.

Bring your questions. Bring an open mind. 

This is a safe space and a judgment-free environment. 

Unite Not Untie.


Check out Chad and Nikki on the podcast Be Less Petty as they talk about being polyamorous.

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Nikki Nigl & Chad Goodrum: 
Nikki and Chad have been together since 2006, married since 2010, and been exploring the consensual non-monogamy world since 2011. Throughout their years together, their relationship has evolved much like how they approach consensual non-monogamy. They will bring their knowledge, experience, and understanding to this conversational workshop. Nikki is an Adult Educator in Communication, Empowerment, and Public Speaking. Chad is a communicator of several formats: Voiceover, Improv, and Public Speaking.