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  • The Women's Building 3543 18th Street San Francisco, CA 94110 United States (map)

Women are taught to be passive or aggressive but NOT assertive. We are not taught to ask for what we want. We are not taught to ask for help. Society has shown us to be passive and when things don't work out, we get angry and frustrated and wonder why we didn't get what we wanted. Let's change all that. Let's learn to be ASSERTIVE! Let's learn to ask for what we want in life. Through relationships, careers, friendships, jobs, family, and everywhere in between.  

Please join this 2-hour interactive workshop as we talk about HOW to be ASSERTIVE and WHY women are not taught to do this. Come learn the ABCs of How Women Are Socialized and even relearn our ABCs. It's going to be awesome! Awesome, because you will be there.

While I am based out of Chicago, I'll be making a special appearance in San Francisco to do this workshop! Please come and join the awesomeness! I can't wait to meet you! 

While this workshop is directed towards women, ALL women & men are welcome.

Here is what will happen...

Asking for what we want
Being indecisive no longer and working through it
Communication methods
Decision-making methods
Examples - Real-life: From us and you (bring your scenarios)
Healthy habits
Intention vs perception
Judgment-free environment
Kicking ass in life
Lots of laughter and of course, LOVE
Making stuff happen
Needs taken care of
Questions answered
Rockin' time
Satisfaction that you signed up for this workshop
Techniques to assert yourself
Understanding of your behaviors
Value and a variety of different types of learning
Wonder no longer of why you are not living your dream life
X marks the spot where you discover how ASSERTIVE you really can be
You will be so much smarter after this workshop! 
Zip off to being more ZUPER than you already are!

  • $39 if bought before 11:59pm September 21 or $49 if bought September 22 and after.

  • Online ticket sales end at 8:00am on Saturday, September 23

  • If it's after 8:00am on 9/23, tickets can be bought at the door for $59. 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nikki.