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Feeling (out of) Control

  • Pizzeria Serio 1708 West Belmont Avenue Chicago United States (map)

Do you ever get a sense of feeling out of control? It’s like you just can’t get a handle on things. One thing happens and then it just spirals. Work life is chaotic. Laundry is all over the place. Social activities pop up and you want to go but at the same time you don't because hanging at home and watching Netflix is also appealing. Dishes are hanging out and are either dirty or not put away. The stack of mail is getting higher and needs to get sorted. The to-do list just keeps getting longer. And let's also add our long-term goals which are not getting accomplished: Dream job. Traveling. Writing that novel you've been talking about. Add a bunch of other things that will aid to the feeling of being out of control. Life feels like its spinning and nothing is getting done. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN FEELING THIS WAY.

Let's talk about this. Let's figure this out together. Please join the judgment-free convHERsation. We will also hear from different women as they share their personal stories on this topic. All women that speak are regular, everyday, extraordinary women.

We will hear personal stories from...


This is a judgment-free convHERsation. There will also be a Q&A portion throughout the evening. And if you want to just listen, that is ok too.


This is a safe space to hear different sides of the story.

What else happens at the ABOUT WOMEN events?

The ABOUT WOMEN monthly events have been going strong since April 2014! What up! 5 years! Each month we gather together to support one another. UNITE NOT UNTIE. We listen. We motivate. If you’re looking for incredible energy - this is the place to be!

These events are unique. It's kind of like a support group for being a woman. It's a place to not feel alone. It's also a networking event in disguise. I say "in disguise" because it's not like other networking events where the first thing you talk about is your job. We talk about being human beings and our struggles and our awesomeness and then sometimes our jobs are talked about. It's a place to connect. To find other women that get it. We laugh. Sometimes we even cry. And that's ok. Because this is a safe space. Questions are asked to the audience and we have a group convHERsation. Sometimes the women in the audience ask questions too. Of course, you don't have to answer if you don't want. No one will ever make you speak. It's casual. It's comfortable. It's motivational. Oh, there’s NO BULLSHIT!


  • $10 in advance (Online sales end at 1:00pm on day of event)

  • $15 at the door (cash and credit cards accepted)

  • Upstairs of Pizzeria Serio - 1708 W. Belmont, Chicago

  • Food and drinks available for purchase

  • Gluten-free options - including pizza

  • 15% off food/drinks for all ABOUT WOMEN attendees


Please click here for tickets.

Also - for those that got this invite - this event is open to ALL WOMEN and WOMEN-IDENTIFIED - so please share this event with your lady friends. The more women that come, the sooner we can change the world - for the better. THANK YOU! And please know we love men. Men are great! This is not an anti-men event. This event is ABOUT WOMEN and creating a space for us. THANK YOU!

Earlier Event: September 21
Later Event: November 20